Our Mission

TASTE moves on the edge of development cooperation and business development, to promote new approaches and patterns of sustainable trade in the agrifood business, together with many stakeholders. This is our mission and our passion.


According to statistics produced by the United Nations and other renowned institutes, worldwide, up to 40% of agricultural lands are already seriously degraded. Over 60% of rural households rely on agriculture as their primary source of income; 30 % of these households live in extreme poverty on less than USD 1,50 a day. Women are responsible for producing 55% of the world’s food supply, but make up 70% of those who are hungry. They own only 2% of land and receive only 5% of extension services.

TASTE is convinced that cosmetic interventions will not be enough to solve these problems. The agricultural and food system, still so closely entangled with problems of rural poverty, gender inequality and environmental degradation, needs a profound transformation. This transformation is urgently needed to reach the objectives of food security and a sustainable environment for our generation and future generations.