Introduction of precision agriculture and harvest programming in COOBANA, Panama

Project summary

Project: Introduction of precision agriculture and harvest programming in COOBANA, Panama

Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples Bananera del Atlántico COOBANA, R.L.

Impact beneficiaries:

340 cooperative members



Organisational model production: Cooperative with 550 ha bananas in 3 farms
Intervention area:


Project Period:

July, 2012 – July, 2014 (2 years)

Total budget: USD 421,200.-
Type of funding: Grant (SENACYT), co-investment (COOBANA)
Origin of funding:

(Secretaría Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología) SENACYT: USD 125,000.-
COOBANA: USD 296,000.-

Name of partner(s):

Agrofair South Programme

Role Taste:

Project formulation; monitoring


Project description

With support of this project, elements of precision agriculture will be introduced in one of the 3 banana plantations of the cooperative COOBANA, Panama. The project will have three main components:

  • Precision agriculture in fertilization and soil management; subdivision of the farm in plots of 5 ha; own elaboration of fertilizer formula (with right proportions of N, P, K according to real needs of the plant); introduction of cover crops and nutrient recycling. Correction secondary and terciary draining canals. Harvest: the weight bunches will be systematically monitored and registered per plot, with the software BANAXASS TRACE.
  • Precision agriculture in phytosanitary control. Close monitoring of incidence or nematodes, red rust, black Sigatoka in each of the plots of the farm; forcast of Sigatoka with help of an own weather station. Reduction in the used of agrichemicals (nematicides, aerial spraying with fungicides).
  • Precision agriculture in traceability and harvest programming, according to structural seasonality of the banana market in Europe. In addition, GlobalGAP, Rainforest Alliance and fair-trade standards, and carbon footprint and water footprint will be included in the traceability system.


Project Locations