Outgrower Fairtrade Body – Africa Juice Ethiopia

Project summary


Outgrower Fairtrade Body – Africa Juice Ethiopia


Africa Juice

Impact beneficiaries:

700 rural families

Product: Fruit juices
Organisational model production: Outgrowers model
Intervention area:


Project Period:

01 / 2011 - 07 / 2012 (18 months)

Total budget:
Type of funding: Consultancy
Origin of funding:

World Bank/MIGA

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Role Taste:

Main responsible


Project description

The Africajuice company has a large passion juice operation (nucleus farm and processing plant) in Ethiopia.

AfricaJUICE aims to promote the development of 700 hectares of outgrower farmers in the Upper Awash area of Ethiopia by 2015. The Outgrower Incubator will deliver the majority of this objective with targets of 200 hectares by 2012 and 700 hectares by 2015. The main objective for the Outgrower Incubator is therefore to deliver long-term sustainable change for over 200 households by 2012 (and over 700 households by 2015) to enable these communities to significantly improve their socio-economic situation.


The specific objective for TASTE has been to guide and support the Fair Trade certification of the outgrower cooperatives and to guide and support the development of an apex organisation that is optimally equipped to implement and maintain Fair Trade standards in the expanding cooperative structure.


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