Control Red Rust Thrips in Banana in Peru and in Ecuador

Project summary

Project: Binational research project: Integrated Management Plan to control Red Rust Thrips in Organic Banana Cultivation in Peru and in Ecuador

Network of small banana producer associations in North Peru REPEBAN, and other banana producer associations; small producers of ASOGUABO, Ecuador

Impact beneficiaries:

Producers of organic bananas

Product: Research
Organisational model production:

Public-private-research cooperation

Intervention area:
  • Peru, Ecuador
Project Period:

01/07/2011 – 31/12/2012

Total budget:

USD 85,000

Type of funding: Consultancy
Origin of funding:

USD 25,000 (TASTE) + USD 60,000
(Total USD 85,000)

Name of partner(s):

National University of Piura (UNP), Peru;
Banana Producer Association ASOGUABO, Ecuador;
Agricultural Research Institution INIAP, Ecuador
Agrofair South programme (AFS)

Role Taste:

Lead organization (coordinator)

Project description

At this moment, small producers of fairtrade and organic certified bananas in Peru and Ecuador, are facing increasing losses, due to the “banana red rust thrips”. The “banana red rust thrips” are tiny insects (1-2 mm), that like to feed on banana flowers and bananas. Thereby, they leave red spots on the banana skin. These are pure cosmetic problems; there is no damage to the fruit itself. However, in their quality requirements, the supermarkets handle a ZERO TOLERANCE policy with respect to this “banana rust”. Affected banana bunches cannot be processed, packed and exported. The research project is aimed at finding acceptable solutions for the biological control of this pest: the thrips that causes the banana rust in organic bananas.

A network of researchers is being formed, also involving private banana companies (DOLE, Chiquita) and institutions like CORBANA (Costa Rica) and Bioversity International (CGIAR). The theme will be further developed in Workgroup 01 of World Banana Forum (WBF).


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