Agrofair South Programme (AFS)

Project summary

Project: Agrofair South Programme (AFS). Innovation and Support Network to improve Competitiveness of Organizations of Small Banana Producers in Latin America

Agrofair Europe B.V. and 10 banana producer organisations

Impact beneficiaries:

A total of 2,096 banana producers and their families

Product: Bananas
Organisational model production: 2 cooperatives and 8 producer associations
Intervention area:
  • Netherlands
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Peru
  • Ecuador
Project Period:

01/02/2010 - ongoing

Total budget: € 700,000
Type of funding: Grant
Origin of funding:

LOTEX Foundation (€ 500,000)

Agrofair Europe B.V (€ 200,000)

Name of partner(s): Agrofair Europe B.V.
Role Taste:

Lead organization

Project description

Small banana producers and Agrofair are under pressure of increasing competition as consequence of mainstreaming fair-trade banana markets, in which powerful players like huge supermarket chains, big plantations and multinational traders become more involved.

Agrofair South is an answer to these developments. It is conceived both as a highly skilled advisory team of Agrofair with permanent presence in Latin America, and as node or platform in a wider innovation, exchange and support network for capacity building with a strong vision on the whole trade chain. Agrofair South targets existing and new banana producers supplying to Agrofair. 

Agrofair South focuses attention on the following main Result areas in these banana producer groups:

  1. Quality assurance, certifications and traceability
  2. Productivity and cost efficiency
  3. Organizational development, business attitude and financial management
  4. Sustainability and the environment (a cross-cutting theme)


Project Locations