Introduction of Savannah Grown and Mountain Grown Bananas

Project summary

Project: Introduction of Savannah Grown and Mountain Grown Bananas. Towards new Concepts for more Sustainable Fruit

Agrofair Europe B.V.

Impact beneficiaries:

Around 700 small banana producers


Research (banana); new marketing concepts; new concepts for a more sustainable banana

Organisational model production: Producer associations
Intervention area:

Peru, Ecuador

Project Period:

July 2010 – April 2012

Total budget:

€ 163,317.-

Type of funding:


Origin of funding:

VROM / SMOM (TASTE) and LNV (Agrofair Europe B.V.)

Name of partner(s):

Agrofair Europe B.V.

Role Taste:

Main responsible


Project description

Mid 2010, TASTE formulated a project on the introduction of “savanna grown” and “mountain grown” bananas. In depth case studies of banana farms in the arid zone of Northern Peru and of agroforestry systems in the hillsides of South Ecuador, and their interaction with the surrounding ecosystem, throw a light on opportunities to cultivate and market an even more sustainable banana, with the add-on “savanna grown banana” or “mountain grown banana”.


Unfortunately, and despite the unique origin of bananas grown in the mountains and savannah, the market is not ready for introduction of bananas with a denomination of origin. However, the study showed the importance and potential of a territorial approach (biodiversity, watershed management, nutrition cycle, formation of clusters and economies of scale at territorial level, etc.) in the promotion of a more sustainable banana.


A paper with final reflections and on the territorial approach was presented on a huge banana congress in Brazil, October 2011, organized by PROMUSA and the International Society for Horticultural Sciences (ISHS).


These studies eventually will pave the way for environmental projects in several producer organisations and a renewed marketing strategy for a more sustainable banana.


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