Capacity building for tropical fruit producers in Latin America

Project summary

Project: Capacity building on participatory and integral quality management concepts developed by FTO-TWIN, in organizations of tropical fruit producers in Latin America

Producer organizations
ASOPROAGOIN (pineapple, Costa Rica) and
APROBOVCHIRA (banana, Peru)

Impact beneficiaries:

Around 400 producers approximately


Pinapple, bananas

Organisational model production: Associations of small producers
Intervention area:

Costa Rica, Peru

Project Period:

03/2008 – 05/2010

Total budget: € 35,000.-
Type of funding: Grant
Origin of funding:


Name of partner(s):

FTO (Netherlands)

Role Taste:

Leading organisation


Project description

TWIN Ltd. (UK) and Fair Trade Original (FTO, the Netherlands) started a project to support producer partners with implementing integrated and risk based Quality Management Systems (QMS). The integral and participatory quality management concepts developed by FTO and TWIN are based on existing certifications and standards of ISO 9001 (quality assurance) and ISO 22000 (risk management), IFOAM (organic certification) IMO and FLO (fairtrade certifications). These concepts were applied in different coffee producer organisations in Africa and Latin America. With this project, these concepts were introduced in producer organizations of pineapple (Costa Rica) and banana (Peru), as pilot experience. In Costa Rica, the introduction of the concept was the trigger for the producer association ASOPROAGROIN to start exporting themselves.


Project Locations